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Terms and Conditions

Woodst applies specific general terms and conditions for three core services: travel organization, coaching, and events.

Each domain has its unique set of rules and guidelines to ensure that services run smoothly and protect both the interests of Woodst and those of the participants.

​Each of these sets of terms and conditions has been carefully crafted to ensure transparency and understanding, so you know exactly where you stand when you participate in any of Woodst's activities.

  • Travel organization: The conditions include guidelines regarding bookings, cancellations, liability and insurance. This makes it clear what travelers can expect during their adventure and what Woodst's role is in this.

  • Treatments & Coaching: These terms describe the expectations surrounding sessions, confidentiality, payment terms and cancellation policy. It creates a safe basis for personal development.

  • Events: For various events, such as retreats and workshops, there are rules about participation, behavior, payments and what to do in case of unforeseen circumstances. This ensures a clear and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Conditions Events

For various events, such as retreats and workshops, there are rules about participation, behavior, payments and what to do in case of unforeseen circumstances. This ensures a clear and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The Event General Terms and Conditions (version 2024) define the rights and obligations of the organizer and participants, including definitions, applicability, code of conduct, registration process, performance, confidentiality, intellectual property, costs, payment, liability, bookings, cancellations, termination, disputes, and privacy. Key points include the emphasis on ethical codes of conduct, the requirement of personal declarations for specific activities, the procedures surrounding registration, payment, and cancellation, as well as the handling of personal data in accordance with GDPR.

​In summary:

  • Registration and Payment: Participation in an event is guaranteed after registration and receipt of full payment.

  • Cancellation policy: If the participant cancels within a certain period, part of the payment may be reclaimed in the form of cancellation costs. After this period, refunds are no longer possible.

  • Liability: Woodst is not liable for personal injury, property damage or other losses during the event.

  • Health and Safety: Participants must report any health problems or limitations in advance. Woodst ensures appropriate measures to ensure a safe environment.

  • Code of Conduct: Participants are expected to behave respectfully towards fellow participants and staff. Inappropriate behavior may result in removal from the event without refund.

  • Program changes: Woodst reserves the right to adjust the program of an event if necessary, this applies to the location and the content of the events.

  • Privacy: Personal information of participants will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with third parties without permission.

  • Photo and Video Material: Material made during events can be used by Woodst for promotional purposes, unless a participant objects to this.

Conditions Treatments & Coaching

The general terms and conditions for coaching and treatments include definitions of parties involved, applicability, rules of conduct, quotation and agreement procedures, execution of the agreement, confidentiality, intellectual property, fees and costs, payment terms, liability, cancellation, termination of the agreement, and dispute resolution. They emphasize the responsibilities of both the coach and the coachee, with particular attention to confidentiality, ethical behavior, and the financial and legal aspects of the coaching relationship. These terms and conditions have been carefully drafted to promote transparency and mutual understanding, while ensuring the quality and integrity of the coaching process.

The general terms and conditions for coaching at Woodst include:

  • Definitions & Applicability: Who is involved and when these conditions apply.

  • Rules of Conduct & Confidentiality: Ethical standards and privacy protection.

  • Quotations & Agreements: How agreements are made.

  • Execution of the Agreement: Responsibilities and method of implementation.

  • Intellectual Property: Dealing with knowledge and materials.

  • Fee & Payment Terms: Fee structure and payment arrangements.

  • Liability & Cancellation: Limits of responsibility and cancellation policy.

  • Termination & Disputes: Termination and Dispute Resolution Terms.

These conditions ensure clarity and structure within the coaching processes. They can be downloaded via the 'Download' button on the Woodst website, which gives you easy access to the complete documentation and insight into all agreements.

Conditions for Travel

Woodst's general travel conditions contain guidelines for bookings, including the procedure for making bookings, payment terms, cancellation, and changes by both travelers and the organizer. They also include information about price changes, traveler obligations, and Woodst's responsibilities for the proper execution of the trip. In addition, they cover liability limitations, insurance information, and how to handle complaints and non-conformities during the trip.

Woodst's general travel conditions, drawn up in collaboration with the Association of Small-scale Travel Organizations (VvKR), include:

  • Booking process: Clarity about how bookings are made.

  • Payment terms: Information about down payments and residual payments.

  • Cancellation policy: Guidelines for canceling a trip and possible costs.

  • Changes by the organizer: Conditions for adjustments to the travel offer.

  • Liability: Limits of responsibility of the organization.

  • Obligations of the traveler: What is expected of travelers.

  • Complaints procedure: How to deal with dissatisfaction or complaints.

​These conditions have been carefully compiled by Woodst, with the expertise and support of the VvKR, to safeguard both the interests of travelers and those of the organization. They guarantee clear and honest communication, making every travel experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Coaching & behandling


Guarantee arranged: STO Garant

To comply with the legally required guarantee, Woodst uses STO Garant, a guarantee scheme recognized by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). You can check this via the STO Garant participants page ( All information about STO Garant can be found at

With every (travel) offer from Woodst on this website you can read whether the guarantee of STO Garant applies. In the guarantee scheme you can read what the guarantee entails and which conditions apply. You can find this guarantee scheme on the website of STO Garant (


The operation​

If the guarantee from STO Garant applies to your booking, you do not pay the travel sum to Woodst, but to the escrow account of Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow, a payment service provider registered with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). . This third-party funds foundation guarantees your travel sum until after your booking has ended. The travel sum will be released to Woodst the day after. Should Woodst become financially insolvent before the end of your booking, STO Garant will carry out the guarantee. In the guarantee scheme you can read how you can claim this in that case.

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