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Help build the retreat center

Help us create a place of peace and connection

Retreats, trainings and workshops

  • Multi-day retreats where people can completely unwind and relax

  • A safe place where there is room for yourself, with all your emotions and your whole being

  • Themes such as kundalini, Yoga, Insight plants, Tantra, Breathwork, trauma processing, etc!


Making this special building and site more sustainable

  • Yoga room

  • Mini camping

  • B&B

  • Catering kitchen

  • Planting (fruit) trees


What's the plan

  • Breathworkcold workout, water dip

  • Sweat lodges, sharing circles, connecting

  • Yoga, wellness

  • Delicious local meals

  • Spend the night in cozy bubbles in nature

Reservations, availability and information

Please contact by email for reservations:

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