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Who is Woodst?

Woodst is an organization that focuses on raising awareness. With fun meaningful activities; along with the others focus on real connections and state personal development central. 

In addition to personal development, there is also a lot to learn at Woodst. In and with nature. This is how you get to know survivalskills such as chopping wood, making fire and setting up your own shelter. And learn to get acquainted with the elements of fire (heat) and ice (cold). We focus our attention on our breathing, on the body, feeling and mind.


We can already tell you: at a retreat with Woodst you leave with a mountain of special memories, a lot of new insights and at the end of the ride you more than just some Instagram-worthy photos.

Curious how previous participants have experienced Woodst? Click here for their experiences.



Joris Slagter
Procesbegeleider & Organisatie


The team


Larissa Vlaar
Spaceholder & Energetic work


Wiebe Lammers
Process supervisor & Spaceholder


Jorn Dijkstra

Process supervisor & Spaceholder

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