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Ice bath & breathing

Welcome to Woodst Retreats, where natural healing methods and traditional wisdom come together to provide you with an invigorating and transformative experience. Step into the inviting world of our ice bath and breathing sessions, an unparalleled journey that has the power to restore your body, calm your mind and strengthen your spiritual well-being.

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What is an ice bath?

An ice bath, combined with targeted breathing exercises, is a powerful method known for its ability to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and promote mental clarity. At Woodst Retreats we offer a guided experience in a serene and supportive environment, where you can discover the powerful benefits of this timeless practice.

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The experience

Your ice bath and breathing session at Woodst Retreats is more than a physical challenge. They form a path to inner strength and balance. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, you will begin a series of breathing exercises designed to help you focus and prepare for the ice bath experience. Entering the ice bath is an act of courage, but also of confidence in the body and mind. It is a moment to let go, become aware of your inner strength and surrender to the invigorating cold.

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Are you ready to take on the challenge and transcend yourself? At Woodst Retreats we make it easy to book your ice bath and breathing session. Choose the date that suits you and follow the steps to secure your place. Whether you're looking for physical vitality, mental clarity or spiritual growth, the ice bath and breathing session at Woodst Retreats is an experience you won't want to miss. Prepare for a journey that can change your perspective on strength and resilience.

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Book an ice bath

Complete the form if you would like to register for an ice bath ceremony on a scheduled date.

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