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Inner Deep Dive:
Cocoa Bliss Ceremony

2-day retreat in Nijmegen

Experience a life-changing journey of personal growth that will help you overcome all obstacles in your life. Our retreats are designed to help you take control of your life and live with greater confidence and joy.

Do you want a deeper connection with yourself? Healing your heart? Connect with your creativity? Or let your self love grow, de-stress, inner peace and get out of your mind for a while? Step into your own liberated subconscious world during the Inner Deep Dive: Cocoa Bliss ceremony.

What can you expect:
- Online Intake
- Guided meditation 🧘 ♀️

- Cacao Bliss insight plant
- Multi-professional team support of a certified ceremony leader, coach, Breathwork facilitator and Trauma / Systemic / Constellation therapist
- Body Remembers Trauma Therapy (BRTT®) & Trauma Release Breath (TRB®)

- SEAD Spinal Energy Activation of Dharma. Spinal Energy Anatomy and Kundalini.

- Body-oriented trauma delivery

- Completion of interrupted Fight/Flight or 'freezing' response
- Essential therapy

- Body work

- Optional: rapé / moxa
- Sound healing
- Possible to integrate and additional coaching

Please note: we work with physical touch & body work.

The ceremony is led by an experienced and certified ceremony leader, spaceholders, coach and/or trauma therapist.

There is enormous interest in this multi-day ceremony, and a limited number of places. Reserve your spot quickly!

Do you find Ayahuasca (too) exciting and would you like to make an inner journey in a safe way? Then Cocoa and Fresh Magic Truffles is a nice alternative.

Ayahuasca has been banned in the Netherlands since 2019. Caapi is an important component of Mother Ayahuasca. Caapi is allowed as a separate component and is therefore still possibleused in the Netherlands. 

What Does Banisteriopsis Caapi Do?

Caapi gives the traveler a smooth and more controllable trip, enhancing the feminine/loving energy of the inner journey. This energy is also called a kind of 'bliss'. 


Caapi is a South American liana and therefore a natural product and works as a natural monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAO-Inhibitor). This inhibits the breakdown of monoaminergic neurotransmitters (such as serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine) and increases the availability of these neurotransmitters in the central nervous system; In other words: It helps to increase the presence of the substances serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine in the brain. This will make you feel more comfortable in your skin.


How long does a trip take?

As a result, the trip usually lasts a little longer (between 3-6 hours) and enhances the effect of the magic truffle (Psilocybin). 


Contraindications apply to the use of medicinal plants such as (Ceremonial) Cacao & Cacao Bliss. People with high blood pressure, pregnancy, breastfeeding, heart problems or/and the use of medication with a contraindication with a natural MAO inhibitor, SSRIs, anti-depressants, and/or sleeping medication are excluded from participating in this program.

If you use medication; always ask your GP or pharmacy for advice. 

What do psychedelics do to you?

We work with Magic Truffles. Truffles broaden your mind. Substances that expand your mind are called psychedelics. And people who use psychedelics also call their experience a trip or journey. During a trip, everything you see, smell and feel can be different from normal. For example, colors may appear brighter, and things sometimes appear to be moving. The way someone thinks can also be different. The effect depends on how much someone takes, how strong the drug is, body weight / build and how much experience you have. The effect lasts about 3 to 6 hours. 

Nowadays, a lot of research is being done into psychedelics as medicine. Scientists are investigating whether tripping agents can help with addiction, depression or other psychological complaints. It is an aid to therapy and people receive special guidance. Many scientists call the results promising. Source:



The use of Cacao Bliss can sometimes be a very intense or a very beautiful experience for some people. When your journey is accompanied by (re-experience of) unprocessed traumatic events, healing can take place with our help. This can be unpleasant. 

It happens that you see/hear/feel things that are not there (hallucinations), that you vomit/gag, cough, feel like you are choking, your heart rate/temperature changes, your stomach ache becomes unwell, faints, and/or feels emotions such as sadness, fear and/or anger, which can cause fear. And fear can cause panic. 


We are of course well prepared for this & oOur team is trained to help you through this and provide the safest possible experience.


For the best experience, prepare yourself with a healthy diet and lifestyle. And do not drink coffee/drugs/alcohol 2 weeks before the start of the program! 


You use Cacao Bliss at your own risk & always be honest with your intake! That way we keep our ceremonies safe and fun for you and others. 

Would you like your trip to be documented? Contact us for the possibilities.

For those who want to work on:

- Trauma healing
- Seeing life from a different perspective
- Let go of ego

- To overcome fears
- Improve relationships
- Mourning processing
- More confidence
- Heal depression
- Develop positive mindset
- Be in your heart
- Experience spiritual guidance
- Find answers within yourself
- Reflecting your life

Transform your life

We have the perfect personal development program for you! Whether you need to heal from trauma, let go of your ego or overcome fear, we can help you find what you need.


All our programs are tailored to your needs.


including VAT, overnight stay, distbite and supper.

Useful information

To dawn

2 days

Group composition



Inner journey, turning inward, healing, reflecting, finding answers within yourself.


Central in the Netherlands, location you will receive after registration.

Target audience

From 18 years

Group size

max 8 persons


  • €295 pp including VAT, overnight stay, breakfast and dinner.


  • May 12 to May 13(full)

  • June 24 to June 25

  • August 19 to August 20

  • September 22 to September 24(3 days!) 

  • October 20 to October 21

  • November 17 to November 18

  • December 15 to December 16


Start: 13:45

End time: 12 noon


This offer is not covered by the guarantee of STO Garant. You can find the conditions of this guarantee scheme on de website ofSTO Guarantee .

“We know you may be struggling with something big, but at Woodst we are here for you, ready to give you the space, kindness and understanding to help you heal. We provide a safe and soft bed where you are truly heard and seen become. Get a new perspective on life!"  - Joris


The ceremony will be held at a beautiful secret location centrally located in the country. In Nijmegen!

Got excited?

Nice! Click on the link below to book your retreat.


“Thank you for the nice and loving setting. […] It was a journey to surrender and then arrive at the place of peace and love. So nice to be able to feel what joy and carelessness is after many years of negativity and pain. Thank you for this. ”

“The guidance was very nice, they are really there for you when you indicate and need it. And the atmosphere is very nice!”

“What a beautiful and pleasant journey. Also very happy to be able to do this with you.”

“Thank you for creating a space that is safe and where everything could be. Location is great!”

“There was very good information about what to expect and what might happen. The information was great! The atmosphere was really nice, very safe and warm! I have experienced a beautiful journey with a lot of warmth, connection, fun, fear and awareness. The energy after the ceremony was wonderful, being able to dance nicely, and awareness. It was a wonderful experience.”

“Wow I am so glad I did this! Seen and experienced a lot. The music determined quite a lot for me; I was really taken into the music and saw and felt everything. […] I mainly take with me that I can take up my space in my own way, and if I let everything that is there be, that it is much easier to deal with. So let go!”

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