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Vacancy travel guidance 

For the second edition of Woodst we are looking for enthusiasts who would like to lead the summer camp. As a tour guide, you ensure that everything at the camp runs smoothly and that everyone has a fun (read: unforgettable) time. We'll tell you in advance: this will be the coolest summer job you've ever had!

What are you going to do?

  • You are the point of contact for our travelers and help our groups to have the holiday of a lifetime. As a tour guide, your role in this is extremely important. 

  • You look at who comes along well with the group, you take care of people who are having a harder time, you pay attention to everyone and you open up professionally.

  • You make sure everyone is aware of the planning and know what to bring.

  • You follow the script, including the extra activities that you organize as a tour guide.

  • You maintain contact with the main tour guide, act in the event of dissatisfied guests, communicate with travelers if the program is canceled or changes.

  • You make sure that the camp is in perfect order, that the atmosphere is good and that everyone is having a good time. 

  • You make sure everything stays neat and clean and you encourage the group to help with this.

  • You ensure there is a planning for cooking, inspire participants about options for dishes for dinner, and coordinate breakfast and lunch with the group. 

  • You provide a safe environment.

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What is Woodst?

Woodst is a summer camp for young people aged 18 to 27. During the summer camp we will undertake various outdoor activities, such as: canoeing, hiking, climbing, pioneering and bushcraft. As a supervisor, it is your job to let everyone experience an unforgettable summer with your presence. And nice bonus: you probably have one too! 

What can you expect?

  • We want everyone to start Woodst well prepared. Therefore, participation in a tour guide training is mandatory. During this training you will get to know the script, we will discuss everything about the camp, we will train social skills on how to stand in front of a group with confidence, recite, explain and discuss something enthusiastically, but also how to deal with difficult situations and we will learn your camp skills so that you can give/delegate instructions to the group later. You also get to know the other team members and tour guides. 

  • You will receive a weekly expense allowance.

  • Finally, participation in the program, board and lodging are free.

This is you

  • You are someone who loves to be in nature. Dirty shoes? You don't have you with that. 

  • You are an organizational talent in heart and soul. You can quickly oversee situations from your helicopter view and know how to respond adequately.  

  • You have strong communication skills and know how to deal with (unexpected) social situations. 

  • You have an enthusiastic, positive, cheerful attitude and would like to participate in the activities yourself. You are the rock in the surf of the participants!

  • You are at least 18 years old. This in connection with the responsibility you bear. 

  • You are available for at least one program and the build-up and break-down. During the summer you are available for at least 3 weeks.

Got excited?

Have you become enthusiastic after reading the vacancy and do you think you are the one who can give someone an unforgettable summer? Fill in our application form quickly! We look forward to your response :)



Due to the corona measures, it is possible that the program and/or the function will be changed last minute. For this reason we cannot guarantee everything. In addition, all tour guides will have to show a negative self-test prior to the summer camp. 


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