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As an entrepreneur you once started from a dream and passion, and as you grow, a lot is asked of you. Are you getting more and more choices and do you need to be profitable? And if that doesn't work out for a while (which is very normal), you can leak energy as a person. Losing motivation, getting burned out or bored out, and eventually feeling depressed. If your battery runs out or stays empty, it's never too late to ring the bell. And don't wait until you're completely at the abyss. 

Then know that a profitable company: falls and stands with a healthy and fit entrepreneur! You. You as a person are central. We ask the question together. What do you need? To grow. Personally and with your company. Where do you get your energy from? Your inspiration? 

To formulate

Working from a desire is the basis for a coaching process. As part of desire, we use constellation. Constellations give the author insight. By being able to view the desire from a distance, you get a helicopter view. This is necessary to gain insights from a different perspective. And to be, to feel and/or to make decisions. 

It is also possible to use this technique for e.g. trauma processing.


Woodst offers retreats and coaching for entrepreneurs who want more control over their lives, as well as helping you find inspiration for people looking to make a change in their lives.

If you need a sounding board. An equal sparring partner to talk about your subjects and themes. Someone who listens to you. You motivate or are just as critical when you show old (unwanted) behavior. Challenge you when you're bored. Or ask questions that need to be asked to trigger certain thought processes? Then you can get started with Woodst through 1:1 coaching. 

It's time for you to receive. Start your coaching sessions with our top coaches and advisors to help you with personal development, entrepreneurship, leadership and more.

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